Welcome to our new website

Dear Fellow Hartleyites,

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to the rejuvenated website of the NSW Branch.

This year is particularly a busy one for the branch as we are undertaking the organisation of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the branch and the first ever Global Hartleyites Day and Get Together event.

Many of you may have learnt that planning by all branches is progressing in organising the Global Hartleyies Day being celebrated between 4th and 6th September 2017. I take this opportunity to extend invitation to all Hartleyites to join us at Hartley College Point Pedro and make this historical event a success.

Sivam Rajaram has undertaken a challenge in upgrading our website to cope with the milestone events in our calendar this year and launching it as a platform form of e-communication for the years ahead of us. I sincerely thank Rajaram for taking on the assignment and showing great progress to date.

I seek your valuable cooperation in shouldering enormous responsibility on my shoulders this year with an array of projects in hand.  The Sports Facility Improvement Program is the brain child of your branch recognising the sporting needs of the future generation of Hartley College students. The improved website will play a big part in harnessing the inputs and commitment to the project from Hartleyites at a global level.

I am looking to receiving your valuable feedback on the upgraded website for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Kind Regards

President, HCPPA (NSW)