Hartley NSW Cricket Matches 2017 Round up

TO: Hartley NSW PPA ,
I personally believe passion drives achievement. Only if you have passion for the school and the game, we will succeed as a team.
As I mentioned beginning of the season we have succeeded as a team.
We played 4 games as per below;
Team combined vs Hartley college
Jaffna Hindu College vs Hartley college
St John‘s college vs Hartley college
Jaffna Central college vs Hartley college
Anbaalayam 7 a side (captained by Ravi)
I would like to take this opportunity to thanks HCPPA NSW President Kathir and the committee for their fullest support with no interruption in team selection process rather be encouraged me to be on the winning side for all the OBA matches. Few committee members made available them selves come to nets to show their support.
Every players,
You had the passion for school and with great commitment you made yourselves available for every games. We had a mixed and well balanced team with youngsters and seniors. We discovered our Sport secretary Sivasakthy as a very good bowler. Every one of you believed in you what ever the score was on the board that Hartley team can defend it which became true at the end. Once again big thanks to you.
Senior players,
Reginold, Mani, Kris, Vasee, Kuhan, Nathan and Dr Ragavan hats off to you for believing in me and also made away for new young players into the team.
Team Manager,
Since my son had his HSC classes, I had to share some or all other duties I requested Vasee Vaseeharan to take up the managers role, even though he was in the same boat as me his daughter also had HSC classes agreed to help me. He has made my job much easier on the field and off the field. Organised net sessions get the team inform for the matches and have cordinated with players. Thank you again
Thank you Gopi for cordinating with youngsters and being a mentor.
Thank you for everyone contributed on the field with your passed experience and knowledge of cricket.